We are human resource specialists.

What Do We Offer?

Staff Leasing

Our Staff Leasing program provides the flexible use of agency employees, selected according to your requirements. Staff leasing is available for all areas including manufacturing, service and sales. We can also arrange transfer of the agency employees to your full-time staff if desired at a later date.

The Essentials of the Service

  • Define your employee and staff size requirements
  • Select a qualified group of employees based on your criteria
  • Integrate agency employees into your full-time staff and orient new employees
  • Our coordinators provide regular support and check-ups throughout the course of the assignment in cooperation with appointed representatives
Employee Search

The Employee Search service focuses on finding the right long-term employees for you. From lower and middle management positions all the way to executive needs, you choose if you want to be involved in the process or leave the entire selection procedure to us.

The Essentials of the Service

  • Create a position needs profile
  • Advertise on job portals and in print media
  • Contact suitable candidates from our internal database plus external sources
  • Sort incoming CVs
  • Verify applicant references
  • Applicant assessment, including: interviews, skills testing, psychological testing, role-playing, model situations, case studies and more
  • Preliminary phone interview
  • Organisation of interviews
  • Testing and education of permanent staff on any management level
  • Direct contact with potential candidates, (headhunting)
Employee Care

Employee Care helps us reach your recruitment goals and minimises fluctuations during work assignments. This service is primarily directed at our agency employees, but it also has a positive impact for our clients. Through Employee Care we ensure all required details for our employees and provide them with the necessary support system to allow them to focus fully on their work.

Additional Services

We also offer a variety of human resource management services according to your specific needs. For instance, you may require a personnel audit, payroll calculation, transfer of a certain number of your full-time staff to our company, assistance resolving excess of full-time staff, modifying or introducing a new personnel strategy, etc.